G2 = Global Generation Exponential Learning 
The name, “G Squared” is derived at its root from the two “G’s” in Global Generation.  The “squared” portion of the name reflects our belief that in pursuing this instructional method, G + G will supersede equaling 2 “G’s”, 
but will instead result in EXPONENTIAL LEARNING among our students.  Education today must be different from that of the past, as our students are the first real Global Generation. In becoming prepared to compete in a worldwide economic environment, G2 is an opportunity for each student to make a difference in his or her life.  

G2 consists of middle and high school “Schools within Schools”, which deliver the four core subject areas. The concept is based loosely on High Tech High’s model of education practiced in public charter schools in San Diego. Our 16 teachers and 9 administrators visited High Tech High in the spring of 2010, worked with High Tech High Staff in Muscatine and spent countless days of curriculum development and planning over the summer. Our delivery method is based on project-based work, a highly rigorous curriculum, includes a wide variety of resources, and is delivered in an environment of high support. We place special emphasis on student responsibility, the use of technology as a learning tool, working in teams, and maximizing staff-to-student as well as student-to-student relationships.

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