Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key concepts for the G2 program?
  • Engaging learning experiences that involve students in complex, real-world projects in which they develop & apply skills and knowledge.
  • Learning that requires students to draw from many information sources and disciplines in order to solve problems.
  • Experiences through which students learn to manage and allocate resources such as time and materials as preparation skills for the 21st Century.
What elements make a great inquiry-based project?
Rigor addresses key learning standards and helps students develop habits of mind and work associated with academic disciplines. Authenticity demands a high level of a real world context and addresses issues that matter to students. Applied learning engages students in solving semi-structured problems calling for competencies expected in high-performance work organizations. Active exploration and projects extend beyond the classroom and connect to the community. Adult connections connect students with adult mentors and coaches from the wider community. Assessment practices involve students in regular exhibitions and assessments of their work.

How are students assessed?
Assessment is an ongoing process throughout the inquiry-based process. Assessment practices may include review of quality work, models, rubrics, mini-lessons, self-assessment, peer review, critique process, assignments, multiple drafts, conferences, exhibitions and student reflection of the learning.

What is an Exhibition Event ?
Exhibition Events allow students to showcase their learning. They are an opportunity for parents, teachers, and the community to hear and see how students have gained a deep understanding of the concept and skills that were layered into the project.

What does research say about instructional methods used in G2?
A large body of academic research supports the use of inquiry-based learning in schools as a way to engage students, cut absenteeism, boost cooperative learning skills, prepare students for post-secondary learning and improve test scores. Those benefits are enhanced when technology is used in a meaningful way in the projects.

What about the Iowa Core?
G2 addresses the required content, concepts and skills included in the Iowa Core. The inquiry process starts with a guiding question and lends itself to collaborative projects that integrate various subjects within the curriculum.

Why G2?
G2 offers a personalized learning environment that is engaging for all students. The collaborative teamwork with teachers and students sets the stage for increased community connections. Relevant learning is at the forefront of the effort in all classes. Rigorous preparation provides the foundation for post-secondary training. The authentic learning requires students to draw from real world learning.